Why Choose Us

 Correct decisions

In every stage we search and find correct decisions that allow us to decrease the costs and increase the quality of the construction process.

 Assurance of efficiency

We assure efficient workflow by using inovative ideas and new construction technologies.

 Quality guarantee

With our experience we guarantee that our services will be performed qualitatively and usage of top quality materials assures the products correspondence to technical requirements.

About us

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Baltic Construction Development ( BCD) is a company that specializes in timber frame houses construction, production of prefabricated house elements and design and projection. We offer all construction services in Lithuania as well as in whole Europe.

Our company has launched the production premises where we build separate elements of the house. The elements are made of timber vertical bearing studs and horizontal railings, insulation in between the studs, wind protection on the outside and plastic film on the inside and ventilated outside cladding. Houses that are ...