How the process of design and projection of a residential house look like:
Architecture. The consept of the house is prepared. The interior plans, visualisations and cross-sections are given. In the project we look for efficient technical solutions to reduce the costs of construction.
Preparation of documents for building permit. We prepare all the documents that are needed for the municipality to get the building permit.
Interior design. We prepare the interior project according to the client needs.

We offer residential and other purpose buildings structures projection:
Metal structures projection (Steel frames buildings, Steel trusses, Steel columns and beams);
Timber structures projection (Timber trusses, columns, beams, timber frame house constructions);
Reinforced concrete structures projection (projection of foundations, Reinforced concrete frame buildings, beams, columns, floors and panels);
We have allowance to project “special buildings”
Our projects are implemented with modern programs which makes the process faster and more accurate. We can prepare projects in 3D model where all participating specialists can implement their drawings. This solution increases the pace of whole projection process and reduces the chances of mistakes.

We prepare ventilation system projection for residential houses and industrial purpose buildings. Attested designers select accurately the ventilation equipment and most effective and optimal piping system..

Team of architects on construciton site


Architect’s teamwork